Monstera 2 Engraved iWatch Bands

Monstera 2 Engraved iWatch Bands

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Engraved with our Monstera 2 Design

For Apple iWatch

Bands are all made to order. It will take 7-10 business days and can take longer to make during the holidays.

Care Instructions
Remove bands off watch. Use a small brush (nail brush, toothbrush, etc), Dawn dishwashing soap, and water.
If it turns white in between the engraved areas of the design, use some jojoba oil to moisturize. It'll look brand new. You can find jojoba oil on Amazon or at any chain store like Walmart, Target, or CVS. 
Best Way To Place Your  Bands On Your Watch
When sliding on the bands on your watch, make sure to press the button on the back of the watch and gently slide through. Forcing it can damage the magnet/contacts that hold the band in place.