About Us

The Mango Fix ohana resides in Northern California and is originally from the East Bay. The idea of opening an Island-Themed business was thought of in 2003, but because of their 9 to 5 jobs and growing family, Mango Fix was not established and launched until October 2006.

The original concept was to represent the Filipino culture through women, men, and youth apparel. But they soon changed their minds to not just design apparel for Filipinos, but also to cater to ALL Islanders. And though their clothing is "Island Themed", they still grab much attention from different ethnic and age backgrounds…Islander Heart and Soul. 

Many ask “Why did you choose to name your business ‘Mango Fix’ ?”. So many love and miss the essence of the tropical islands.  The word "Mango" is to symbolize the "Islands". So here, on the mainland, they would like to give you "a fix"- a Mango Fix-The Island Feel to remind everyone of the beautiful islands and their amazing culture. Their brand portrays a specific mindset in which it can uplift and spread love, kindness (towards others and oneself), positive vibes, and aloha.

Although there are numerous existing islander apparel companies, Mango Fix continues to carry its unique style. They strive to keep their customers happy by making them feel comfortable, but yet stylish. Most importantly, they want their clients to be able to wear their apparel proudly while they are out and about. Their strong passion for the culture and islands is reflected in their designs and they would like to share them with all who feel the same way. 

At this time, Mango Fix can be found at most Polynesian festivals, Hula competitions, and Tahitian dance competitions throughout California. If you cannot make it to an event, you can also purchase their products on their website.  You can also find them on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.